Sunday, July 10, 2016

Raleigh, Richmond and home

Friday we packed up and headed East, slowly making our way back to Baltimore. We spent Friday night with my friend from college, Deb, who recently got married. We love Pete! We had a nice, super yummy dinner out in Raleigh, and after relaxed on their deck into the night, catching up. Somehow I managed to forget to take any pictures the whole time! Except this random one Griffin took of his breakfast toast and bacon. And just so you don't think we have perfect social media lives, I'll note that Griffin's behavior all week was much better than we expected, but far from perfect. Unfortunately Deb and Pete didn't see his good side for most of our stay.  Thanks for having us though! And congratulations! 

Then on Saturday we headed to Richmond, VA, where we met my friend Jen and her family for a quick ice cream, before Steve, Griffin and I headed to the University of Richmond campus, my alma mater. Wow has it changed a lot! Tons of new buildings, mainly. It was super hot so we didn't stay long. 

Because every private liberal arts university needs a massive ropes course: 

Sophomore year dorm:

New gorgeous football stadium- go Spiders! 

We wrapped up the day at the Whealton's, with my friend Erin from college, her husband Jeff and their kids Max and Lucy. And Woody the dog and new puppy Maggie. We swam, had pizza, and sat by a fire pit roasting marshmallows and making smores- fun! And drinking all the North Carolina beer we brought. 😄 

In the morning, Griffin played with the puppy, met their bird and hampster, and they gave us a bunch of books that Max had grown out of. Which came in handy on the car ride home! 

For breakfast, we all went to a restaurant-movie theater that served breakfast, and watched Finding Dory. It was a great way to wrap up our trip. 

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